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It doesn’t seem too logical, but most people listen to sad songs when they are sad. and I don’t really understand that – if you listen to sad songs when you are down, how do you keep yourself from, you know, emotional breakdown or something? 🙂 Anyway, I prefer listening to something uplifting when i feel blue, and here I want to share the songs that make me feel better, maybe they will help you get your spirits up.

  1. One Republic – Good Life. Even though this song is about how good someone else’s life is, it still makes me feel better when I am sad. Music is soothing and uplifting, and I love this band. You may also want to listen to Everybody Loves Me.
  2. Anya Marina – All the Same to Me. There is hardly a person who’s never heard it, and I really like this song. I think it’s the couldn’t-care-less attitude that appeals to me.
  3. Rock Mafia – The Big Bang. This one isn’t very inspiring but it sure is amusing, and it will definitely make you smile.
  4. Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence. This is a cool song, and it will always be. Even if it doesn’t get you in a good mood, at least it will make you forget some of your worries.
  5. Hurts – It’s a Wonderful Life. I think the name of this song speaks for itself. Although other songs of Hurts may make you feel like you’ve hit the rock bottom, so stick for this one for now.
  6. Rocky Leon – Quit Your Whining. This one is going to make you feel much better if you are a bit sad, but if you are depressed it will probably piss you off 😀
  7. Bonobo ft. Bajka – Days to Come. This song will make you feel like you have wings, there is just no way it can’t cheer you up.
  8. Bonobo ft. Andreya Triana – Stay the Same. It makes you think and try to understand yourself a little bit better.
  9. Cary Brothers – O Holy Night. If you are a religious person, it will sure soothe you, and even if you are not, this song is incredibly uplifting.
  10. Low vs. Diamond – Heart Attack, the music video. I’m saying the music video, because the song itself is not going to affect your mood, but video will – it’s beautiful. This video has even won an award; unfortunately I don’t remember which one…

I hope I am not missing anything, and I will be glad if you share your favorite songs with me!


Trying to describe B.M’s music using genre terms and definitions as the rule fans render it as “indi-tronika” and tag it as “electro-pop”. Moreover her last album was marked as “indi-pop” and newly devised tag “laptop-folk” describes it as well. Any attempts to characterize her music mean that we face the case when the music prevails over any clichés and stereotypes while presenting something special. Barbara is the musician of an indefinite genre, but of certain mood. She gently sings about life, showing it in bright, sometimes in subdued but undoubtedly in charming way. Her music is feminine, heartfelt, and at the same time enchanting as Barbara herself.


Do you suppose that night clubs and rock concerts are really the best way to have a rest and bring some change to your life routine? After such entertainments we commonly have the feeling of the great time that we have spent but not the improvement of our physical or mental activity. The large part of the modern types of artificial music is considered by the scientists to be the aggressive means of the non-drug manipulation the human state of mind.

The scientists from the neuro-biological department of California University have carried out the research that showed the correlation between the musical preferences of the people and their IQ level. More than a hundred of students from 36 colleges agreed to take part in this experiment. They were offered to listen to the musical compositions by Mozart for ten minutes. The IQ tests fulfilled after the listening showed the results 8 or 9 grades higher tan the previous ones.