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Arthrosis and arthritis are very unpleasant diseases which can considerably spoil your life. Fortunately, the modern medicine can cure us from different problems with joints. However, its power is limited, so you should start taking care of your joints right now in order to escape negative consequences. Special attention should be paid to your knee-joint as it is the most vulnerable one in the face of external factors.

If you had chance to have a look on your knee’s inside you would be surprised of how difficult the structure is. Your knee-joint is covered with a patella which presents a small round bone looking like a pancake. The joint contains two cartilage linings – meniscus. They support the thigh-bone and the big cannon bone of your shin. Meniscuses amortize strikes and provide the perfect fitting of joint surfaces. All this construction is supported by cords which allow the joints to bend and unbend. Due to this construction the knee joint can endure huge loads. With time, however, cartilage linings become thinner and break – the fragments of them move within the joint freely which causes strong pain. As result, the joint loses its mobility and begins to swell.