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It seems like everyone likes kittens. Some say that the level of coziness should be measured in cats where 10 ct is the highest level of coziness. And it is easy to understand: they are cute, they do lots of funny stuff and it is easy to take care of them. But what do you do if you are allergic to cats? If you live in an apartment in a city, it is better to not get a dog (unless it is a small one). If you really want a pet, but you can’t get a cat or a dog, it is not the end of the world. When we say ‘pet’ most people imagine a cat or a dog, but these are not the only animals that can live with you. Here I am going to speak about other pets one can have, maybe it will help you to choose a pet!



There are less psycho types that one may suppose to be. Of course everybody is unique and there are no even the two people in the whole world who were completely the same. But the set of the certain characteristics allows all the people to be divided into the several large groups according to their psychological types. Having divided the people’s personalities into the large groups the psychologists can easily choose the appropriate methods, food, lifestyle, physical activity and animal companion suitable to the each category.

So here is the list of the pets that will suit your personality.


A good photographer can capture different emotions of your face, your best posture and the advantages of your figure and make your ideal photo, but the best photographer will perform all this tasks with a non-human model which is hard to catch and impossible to make do what you want. If you are ready to accept the challenge you have to learn how to take photos of…birds.

The most important thing while you are shooting birds is to keep as silent as possible. Do not make noise or speak loud. Your clothes also should not be bright. Your task is to look like a part of the environment in order not to scare the birds away.