What pet do i get?

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Animal Facts
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It seems like everyone likes kittens. Some say that the level of coziness should be measured in cats where 10 ct is the highest level of coziness. And it is easy to understand: they are cute, they do lots of funny stuff and it is easy to take care of them. But what do you do if you are allergic to cats? If you live in an apartment in a city, it is better to not get a dog (unless it is a small one). If you really want a pet, but you can’t get a cat or a dog, it is not the end of the world. When we say ‘pet’ most people imagine a cat or a dog, but these are not the only animals that can live with you. Here I am going to speak about other pets one can have, maybe it will help you to choose a pet!

A ferret.

Yes, a ferret can be a pretty funny pet! Ferrets used to sleeping at daytime, so you may need to change his regime by playing with him at day, and letting him rest at night. They are pretty quick and fussy, you can play with a ferret the way you would play with a dog. A ferret likes it when you pet him, but of course it doesn’t purr like a cat.

A Bunny.

I think most people believe bunnies are cute, maybe as cute as kittens. It is not so hard to take care of a bunny, they are quiet, they don’t mark their territory, do not meow or bark into the night. And they are soft! The only disadvantage is: there are not so many games you can play with it.

A Guinea pig.

They are little and you can take them with you wherever you want, their size it what is cute and convenient about them. But there you will have to keep it in a cage most of the time, otherwise it can run away or hide some place hard to find.

A Rat.

Some people keep rats as pets, domestic rats are very neat; they may be of different colors, white ones are the most popular, they have a lot in common with Guinea Pigs but are less fussy.

A Bird.

A bird is a treat for the eyes and the ears, it may be of a bright color, it can beautifully trip. But you can’t hold it in your hands and pet it, it has to spend all the time in its cage.


Fish have to be in a fish tank all the time (obviously), they are pleasant to look at, a fish is what you can look at forever; it is like a fire or running water. The hardest thing here is cleaning the tank.

A Turtle.

There are a lot of people who get turtles as pets. Personally I don’t understand why, but I can see that it is convenient to look after it: it moves pretty slowly, unlike a kitten or a ferret.

I wish you luck choosing your future pet!


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