A good photographer can capture different emotions of your face, your best posture and the advantages of your figure and make your ideal photo, but the best photographer will perform all this tasks with a non-human model which is hard to catch and impossible to make do what you want. If you are ready to accept the challenge you have to learn how to take photos of…birds.

The most important thing while you are shooting birds is to keep as silent as possible. Do not make noise or speak loud. Your clothes also should not be bright. Your task is to look like a part of the environment in order not to scare the birds away.

If you see a bird which seems interesting to you, do not rush forward. First, observe the territory and the behavior of your models. If you learn their habits it will be much easier for you to capture interesting image. It is also useful to learn the biological peculiarities of the species you are interested in as it will give you a chance to predict their behavior.

Another effective way to take really impressive photos is shooting from a car or any other shelter which will allow you to stay unnoticed.

You should avoid sudden sharp movements. Note also that you should not run after a bird – it is very doubtful that in this case you will manage to take a clear image of it.

As for the equipment, there are no special requirements. Taking photos of birds is the case when highly professional camera will not help you much, so it is your chance to reveal your talent of a photographer as it is. Use the option of continuous shooting and take as many photos as possible. Straight day light is also your helper in this challenging task.


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