Canal sickness is a kind of disease which to which everybody including kids and adults, beginners and experienced travelers can be subject. It is our vestibular apparatus which is responsible for our well-being during the travel. It is situated in the inner ear and controls our sense of balance. The receptors of this organ react on turns or nods of your head and cause reflectory muscular activity which provides straitening of your body and preserving of your posture. Receptors of the vestibular apparatus also help us to perceive the position of our head in space and to perceive the movements of the body as well. We are used to horizontal movements, that’s why unusual movements up and down can cause nausea and vomit.

To reduce unpleasant sensations you should choose the most stable place in the vehicle and sit there. In the bus it is a place which the closest to the driver, on a ship it is the middle part and in a plane it is the places between its wings.

In any type of vehicle you should sit in the direction of travel. Look at the distant objects.

During the travel try to provide constant admission of fresh air.

It is not recommended to read when traveling as it will produce additional load on your body. It is better to sleep or dream about something pleasant.

Do not eat too much before your trip but avoid being hungry as well. The best option is to have sound meal two hours before the journey.

You can train your vestibular apparatus before the journey. Bend down and turn your body left sand then right several times. Swings and tramp can also help to prevent you from canal sickness. Swimming, football, dancing, aerobics, jogging, volleyball are good for this purpose as well.

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