Decoupage – the Art of Combination

Posted: November 6, 2012 in TV, Movies and Entertainment
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Winter is coming which means that it will become more difficult to meet with your friends and participate in different outdoor activities. When it is cold it is more pleasant to it in your flat under a warm blanket. There is only one problem – you can die from boredom if you spend the whole winter like this. So, some interesting and unusual hobby is needed and personally I recommend decoupage.

Decoupage presents decorating of some object with pieces of paper or cuts from the magazines. You glue the pieces to the surface and fasten each layers with vanishes. The result of your work should look like an original picture thanks to the effect of multiple attachments.

To start with decoupage you will need:

  • acrylic paint (mostly white, as it will be used as the basis of your work)
  • glue
  • acrylic lacquer on water basis
  • brushes: one for glue and one for applying different patterns
  • some object which you want to turn into the masterpiece of your art

With the help of these means you can decorate everything you like – glass bottles, old pots (they can become excellent retro vases), boxes, chairs, tables…Everything can receive the second life thanks to decoupage.

For the beginners it is recommended to use special decoupage napkins – this technique presents no difficulty at all. You can choose a napkin with any picture. Then your task is to cut the pictures. Before attaching the items to a selected object you should prepare its surface. If the surface is not even use a primer of appropriate color. The glass surface should be cleaned from grease with the help of cleaner.

The next step is to attach the items to the object – it is better to start with the center of pattern. Then the time of acrylic paint comes – they are used to draw the missing elements. When the object is ready you should cover it with at least to layers of lacquer to prevent it from mechanical damage and humidity.

Decoupage is a creative art which will demand from you creative skills and develop your accuracy as well. This technique was used by such famous artists as Picasso and Matisse, but it does not mean that you must be a great painter to perform decoupage. The main idea is to find successful combinations of different pieces and create something unique from already existing things.

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