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The world is full of monuments of cats and dogs. In every corner where a human beings lives there can be found t least one bronze, wooden or stone pet for sure. The desire of people to immortalize themselves is understandable, but why do they put statues of cats and dogs by their side?

In Leon, for instance, there is a monument of greyhound Ginford who is said to save a kid from the snake’s bite, or, according to another version, from a wolf’s attack. The locals honored the dig as a saint and a patron of children for a long time, and the fact that their saint had four legs did not bother them much.



Canal sickness is a kind of disease which to which everybody including kids and adults, beginners and experienced travelers can be subject. It is our vestibular apparatus which is responsible for our well-being during the travel. It is situated in the inner ear and controls our sense of balance. The receptors of this organ react on turns or nods of your head and cause reflectory muscular activity which provides straitening of your body and preserving of your posture. Receptors of the vestibular apparatus also help us to perceive the position of our head in space and to perceive the movements of the body as well. We are used to horizontal movements, that’s why unusual movements up and down can cause nausea and vomit.


Winter is coming which means that it will become more difficult to meet with your friends and participate in different outdoor activities. When it is cold it is more pleasant to it in your flat under a warm blanket. There is only one problem – you can die from boredom if you spend the whole winter like this. So, some interesting and unusual hobby is needed and personally I recommend decoupage.

Decoupage presents decorating of some object with pieces of paper or cuts from the magazines. You glue the pieces to the surface and fasten each layers with vanishes. The result of your work should look like an original picture thanks to the effect of multiple attachments.