Total weight of your nails is only three grams, but it is an essen5tial and, moreover, speaking detail of your appearance. The average nail should be solid, even, smooth, polished and transparent. If the appearance of your nails does not coincide with this description it may mean either that you should change your ration or that something is wrong with your health.

If you want to make your nails more solid you should include in your ration such products as cheese, yogurt, chicken, greens, nuts, fish and seafood. Drink more green tea and mineral water. However, you will have to wait for the results of this diet as the nail plate renews once in three months.

It is also possible to diagnosis your disease according to the state of your nails. For instance, tubercles may mean that you have problems with metabolism or there is a risk of diabetes mellitus. Eat less fat and sweet food to avoid the potential diseases.

Dotted deepening like from the stings of a needle can be a sign of psoriasis, in case you are not really sewing, of course.

Longitudinal dents and ribs may mean that you have problems with your stomach, liver, intestines or other organs of your alimentary system. However, it can be also the result of your vegetarian diet as your body suffers from the lack of zinc. To make your nails look healthy, use vitamin complexes rich with zinc.

Transversal dents and small holes can be a sign of some inflammation which has been smoldering in your body for a long time. It can be everything from caries to cholecystitis.

Increased fragility of your nails can possibly mean that something is wrong with your thyroid. However, it may also mean that you just have a habit of walking in cold weather without gloves.

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