Depression is considered to be the plague of 21st century. Permanent stresses, inevitable failures and bad ecological environment result in the increase of depression risks. Nonetheless, many “facts” about this disease are tent to be overestimated or overrated.

1. Depression is not a physiological issue, so there’s no point in healing it

Many people believe that depression is something that happens to everyone every once in a while, and that a person can cope with it without any help. Depression and mere bad mood isn’t the same though. Indeed, it is a serious disease that can be lethal if isn’t cured properly.

2. People who repeatedly suffer from depressions are psychos and should go to sanitariums

Seriously, in spite of various articles and medical reports, many people still treat depressed people as psychos and freaks and attain them. These people have hard time finding a job and are doomed on lifetime checkups in psychiatric hospitals. In fact, depression can be an occasional reaction to some sort of events, and it doesn’t mean that this person has serious mental problems to worry about.

3. Depression is for life

Not really. It can be successfully healed. The point is any disease (except for infections) is incurable. You can succeed with long-term remission, but there’s always a risk of relapse.

4. Antidepressants are extremely harmful

Basically, any drugs are harmful. Most antidepressants has a list of side effects such as headache, low libido, eating disorders, etc. But depression has the same symptoms and, unlike side effects from the pills, these symptoms won’t disappear.

5. Antidepressants are highly addictive

None (!) of the existing antidepressants can cause physiological addiction. Nonetheless, many patients suffer from psychological addiction. What can I say? Psychological addiction can appear even if you eat too much donuts. Just control your brains and you’re good.

6. Herbal remedies are better than antidepressants

Doubtlessly, they cause less harm and don’t have so many side effects, but they can only calm you down. Unlike antidepressants, they don’t HEAL depression.

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